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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan My first thought was YOWZA!!! This book was pure entertainment. Was it realistic? Is Jersey Shore realistic? No, but it's entertaining, right?? This book is a combination of Sons of Anarchy and Jersey Shore!What I liked:1. I loved the PASSION!!!!!! Everyone in this book was passionate!2. I enjoyed the characters and how outrageous they were.3. I liked the dirty talk...hehehe.4. I ate up the first half of the book! I loved the development of the relationship between Deuce and Eva.What I didn't like:1. I didn't like the immaturity. A 50 year old still acting and talking like that? Well, I guess I still have an uncle who talks and acts like Deuce....but it's not an attractive quality. I didn't mind the cursing. It was the immature behavior that went along with it. I thought that when they started growing up, they would learn some things, but it was just wash, rinse, repeat.2. The second half of the book. It was really hard to read, mainly because of the immaturity, but also because it was just hard to read (it's hard to explain without spoilers).Am I gonna read the sequel? Hell yes! Why? Because it's pure entertainment :).