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I love to read anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. I love to cry. I love to laugh. I love to scream. Mostly, I love to love. 

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The Lonely
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Axel (Corps Security, #1)

Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan This is two souls that have been adrift for loo long finally coming home to each other. This is healing.This book made me FEEL.I felt angry, sad, frustrated, happy, ecstatic, ….I was completely addicted.This was me during this book:I was like: Then I was like: Then I was like: Then I was like:Then I was like: This book was so intense. I felt the pull between Izzy and Axel get stronger and stronger as I was reading. It was such a build-up of emotion. I love Izzy’s voice. It’s real. It’s raw. She’s been through hell….God, I hate abuse. She’s been through so much, she so needs therapy. I loved that we got the POV of Axel.**Note to Ms. Sloan** – Bravo. This was a ridiculous debut novel. The only thing I want from you now is MORE of this thing that you’ve goin’ on, girl!!!! I want more of that ridiculously amazing dialogue that reminds me of the dialogue from authors like Kristen Ashley and Madeline Sheehan (Yep, I said it). And of course, I want more of those HOT, STEAMY SEX SCENES!! Holy Schnikies, Batman!I’m going to end on a serious note (I know, this review is a lot of back-and-forth, but that’s exactly how I felt while reading this book, so suck it!).The words to this song (from Rent) reminded of Izzy and Axel, so I had to include them! There's only usThere's only thisForget regret-- or life is yours to miss.No other roadNo other wayNo day but today