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Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas To Silence. Not always the enemy of communication.This book began with perfection and ended with perfection. This is how Kitty Thomas dedicated this book.Before I even go into details, I need to say this:Kitty Thomas = Genius. You have created a genre of your own. Ms. Thomas owned this book in the same way that Master owned Emily (btw: no names were given until about 50% of way through, and Ms. Thomas pulled…it…off. Master was never actually given a name, which makes the book even more perfect). If Ms. Thomas were Da Vinci, this book would be her Mona Lisa. Monsters aren’t supposed to be beautiful.There are few books that this book can even compare to: Consequences and Captive in the Dark come to mind, but even in those books, the characters form some type of relationship, as twisted as it may seem. There was a twist in this book that definitely made this one stand out. I cannot even hint at it, but it was BRILLIANT. I’d convinced myself it would have been different if he’d been as ugly on the outside as he was on the inside, but he wasn’t. He was cruel beauty, a sculpture, a god, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from him.I am a professor of Psychology and this book has the psychological aspects DOWN. The conditioning was FLAWLESS. That’s the thing about conditioning. You can know it’s happening all you want; it doesn’t change the results. Eventually you break, reduced to something less than human. It was also brilliant for Emily to have studied Psychology.The room felt quieter without him in it, as if his presence could somehow equal words for me.I LOVED that Emily compared the her captivity to a caged animal at the zoo, such that it is more harmful for her to be set free because she is so different that she literally (not figuratively) COULD NOT SURVIVE if set free. I was with Emily…every…step…of…the…way. I was breathing her air and experiencing everything she was experiencing. One thing I would never be able to understand is the level of cruelty it would take to be Master in this book. I appreciated that we were given a glimpse into Master’s thoughts, even though it was limited.Today I found something beautiful and decided to break it.There is no redemption in this book. I appreciated that there was a semblance of an ending, but it still left me thinking about Emily and wondering if she is still there (like the story is actually real in my mind!!!!!).Or maybe I’m just stronger than you. This was directed at the reader. This is how the book ended. PERFECTION.