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The Lonely
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Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren 4 “I’m-in-love-with-Texas” Stars!!!!!!!!!!We all have a little slut in us, don’t we? No? Is it just me?I’m the school slut. I hate that word; but sometimes it is what it is, or in my situation, I am what I am. I like guys, all kinds of them and lots of them.Emerson is a slut. She knows it. She knows why she’s a slut. She has three rules that she sticks to in order to keep herself safe. Don’t we all create rules for ourselves to keep us safe? Even if we recognize that we’re even doing it. But Emerson knows what she’s doing. She has loved and lost , so she needs safety to...keep her sanity……because if they aren’t cheating, they’re dying.My Emerson:Jaxon is….temptation. Even though nothing can tempt Emerson, Jaxon does. He is her kryptonite. (He’s MY kryptonite! LOL!) He is so perfect for her because he pushes her outside of her comfort zone and into her danger zone where she has to confront and break her rules. Jaxon breaks the walls down around Emerson’s heart, but what’s great is that she didn’t even know he was doing it. Your voice is a little like cocaine. You could bottle that stuff up and sell it. You would make a killing, especially with the sorority bimbos. Can I pay you just to talk to me all day?My Jaxon:”I understand what people think of me.”“If they think you are beautiful, feisty, and brilliant, then I would agree with them. Anything else, I don’t care about.”What’s beautiful about this book is that their love feels effortless. I felt myself falling with them. Yes, they had their ups and downs, but I wouldn’t call it angst. It was real stuff. They start out as friends, so their love is comfortable and I could just sink right down in it and go to sleep.The contrast between his rough pulling in one hand and the sweet caress of the other was invigorating. He know I loved a little of both."Please stop running from me.”“Please stop trying to catch me.”Here’s to honor. Get on her. Stay on her. If you fall off. Get back on her. If you can’t cum in her. Cum on her!**Note to Ms. Lauren:**I love you. Too much? I love how you write. It was so easy to read this story. I am fan :).The next book is Jace’s story, and I am ready!!!!