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The Lonely
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Untitled (Sea Breeze, #5) - Abbi Glines 4 CAGE STARS!!!!!“Mine,” Cage mumbled in his sleep pulling me closer to him. Even in his sleep he knew what I needed. I kissed his chin and smiled. “Yes, I’m yours.”Sigh…I can’t get enough of Cage. Ms. Glines, you could write 10 books about Cage, and I would love all of them!My Cage – He’s a bad boy, and you KNOW how much I love a bad boy! Oh yeah, and he has a dirty mouth. Yum! a swagger and a naughty mouthMy Eva: - I love Eva. She is on the serious side, but she does have some shit happen in her life, and she has the type of personality to be independent and take care of others without taking care of herself first. This is a good character trait….but Cage is THE ONE to break through her walls every time! Cage and Eva go through some tests in their relationship in this book. Eva’s father gets sick, so she has to stay behind to take care of him, while Cage pursues his career in baseball. There is an automatic stress on their relationship by trying to do the long-distance thing. A few more things happen that I don’t want to spoil for you, and they don’t really matter because I knew they would end up together in the end. The storyline in this book is not the most unique, but it doesn’t matter, and you know why?? BECAUSE ABBI GLINES WROTE IT. That’s why. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, she could write about a dust bunny, and I would love it!I will never, and I mean fucking never regret choosing you. Nothing is more important than you, Eva Brooks. Nothing.I did a lot of this while reading this book….This is the sequel to While It Lasts, so read that one first!!!My favorite in this series is still Just For Now, because Preston is my man!!!!Ms. Glines,Can I please please please have a Jeremy book???