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I love to read anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. I love to cry. I love to laugh. I love to scream. Mostly, I love to love. 

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The Lonely
Tara Brown
Return to Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie, #2) - Debra Anastasia O...M...Effing...G!!! Cover Reveal! This book cannot get here fast enough!TEASER: "And yet she was all he could think about. When he was feeling gracious, he pictured her snuggled in a warm sweater under some lucky fuck’s arm. And when he was feeling jealous, which was most of the goddamn time, he pictured her naked under some nameless three-pump chump. Being a girlfriend or a wife. God, please not a wife.The pistol lay between his legs, the liquor sat in the seat next to him like a true friend.Do it, you pussy-headed motherfucker.But the sky was too blue. And his hand kept shaking. Beckett was afraid of the gun. It was more final than time. It wouldn’t erase the pain, and he was afraid that after his body was wasted, the only thing left would be fear. And he fucking despised fear."