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The Lonely
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The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan 4 EVIL STARS!!!!!The whole bloody world, populated by monsters.This is the hardest book I’ve ever read. I have a really dark place inside my brain, and I’ve read some dark twisted stuff, but this takes the cake. You know those dark books that give you a little hope to hold onto? This is not one of those books. This book highlights the worst of humanity. Who do you become when you think no one’s watching?The story is set on an island resort. The resort provides your every wish, your every dream, your deepest darkest secret desires. Only the wealthiest can afford to pay for their deepest desires. Finn is on staff at this resort, and he is trapped. No, trapped isn’t enough. He is tortured. He is almost a ghost of a person. Finn lives the most agonizing life that you can imagine. I wanted Finn to die, to kill himself, only to give him one ounce of peace.My Finn:It was easy to forget that other people lived in a world where rules and laws and common sense could keep you safe. A world where, if you did the right thing you were allowed to get on with your life in whichever way you chose.Lilith Bresson begins as a strong feminine, fucking hilarious character. She is a famous painter. Throughout the book, she is slowly broken, even more so than when she started. She is manipulated by the resort owner (satan incarnate) to come to the resort, only to be blackmailed into staying and doing the owner’s bidding, painting when and what the owner decides.The summer I met Lilith Bresson, I had begun to die.My Lilith:I wouldn’t call this a love story. I would call this a survival story. These two characters come together to survive. Additional Thoughts:Power. I hate power. I wish I could grab it by the bullocks and squeeze until it explodes and ceases to exist. No one could ever have power over another person ever again!!!Pride. It’s the first sin. It’s the ugliest of sins. It makes us believe we are better...better than another human being. Manipulation. It is the weakness of the weak, the insecure, the unintelligent….the evil.This book makes me want to stand up for every single person who was ever bullied, abused, beaten, neglected, or never loved. I will never look at teddy bears the same. They will forever be a pathetic pile of overpriced fake fur and anthropomorphic bullshit.Why did I give this book 4 stars?1. I am a serial escapologist. but I couldn’t escape. I want books that allow me to escape. I don’t want to face the reality and horrors of humanity. But I didn’t have a choice with this book. 2. Yes, Tabitha McGowan is a great writer, but I’ve read better, so I just couldn’t give her that last star.3. It feels wrong to celebrate this book. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.