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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle 4 Meet Camden Stars!!!I am going to say this up front. I am Team Javier. After reading On Every Street, I was a goner. Even after reading Sins & Needles, I still love Javier. What can I say?? I’m in love with a drug lord. I want a sexy Mexican drug lord of my own. I like Camden. I do. But that’s as far as it goes. Like. Do I think he’s attractive and super sexy with his sexy tattoos and glasses??? YES!!!! Glasses are sexy! I mean….look at him:My Camden:Ellie is a con artist. She has traveled the country doing con after con just to survive, running from an ex-boyfriend who is trying to find her, Javier. She is starting to lose herself so she decides to go home and finally stop the con. It is there that she meets Camden…actually she has already met him before. Year ago, they were best friends in high school, until Ellie breaks his heart. My Ellie:The first half of the book is Ellie and Camden getting to know each other again. We learn about their history when they were younger. It is sweet. It is sad. Now they are friends again, and there is attraction ….and love. Because Ellie can’t resist a con, she decides to con Camden. The second half of the book picks up the pace when Camden catches Ellie trying to con him, and he is NOT happy. The sweet side of Camden is pushed aside, and we see a harder, tougher side of Camden. He convinces Ellie to help him disappear from the situation he has found himself in financially. They steal some money together and run away to Vegas only to find themselves up again the ex-boyfriend that Ellie has been trying to escape, Javier.My Javier:Javier does some bad things in this book. The author tried to sway my opinion of him. But it didn’t work. Not this time, Ms. Halle! I AM TEAM JAVIER, AND I WILL NOT BE COMPROMISED! I like the bad boy. The more bad things he does, the more I fall in love with him. Murder, cheating, betrayal…nope, I’m still here, Javier. Waiting for you.