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The Lonely
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Deeper - Blue Ashcroft 4 SWEET SUMMER STARS!!!!!This book was...summer. Warm skin. Sandy toes. It’s hasn’t been years, only a summer, but I truly feel like I know her. She has become a part of me, and she’s soldering herself to my soul with each sigh and each touch. I’ll never be able to break away after this. I’ll say with her forever. Protect her forever.Knight and Rain are both lifeguards. They meet at a bonfire and share a sexy kiss in the ocean, but Knight doesn’t know that Rain is going to be his partner in supervising the other lifeguards. As soon as he discovers this, he is cold and distant (love it!). Rain is offended and thinks Knight is just being sexist, but both Knight and Rain have their own secrets…their own brokenness. My Knight: (I know. His name is Knight. No, he’s different than Kristen Ashley’s Knight. But I like this Knight too!)She wakes me up when all I’ve wanted for four years is to be asleep.I love this man. He is just that…a knight, he has an inner-desire to protect people, especially those he cares about. Knight’s girlfriend committed suicide after she was raped. He is so broken from this experience and just trying to keep his head above water. My Rain:I love her. She is broken, but she is strong. She has principles and sticks to them. She also has lost someone and takes the blame on herself for this person’s death. After losing this person, she makes a promise to herself to keep the walls around her heart because she doesn’t believe that she deserves happiness...love. Most worthwhile things are painful babe. Most things worth doing have the potential to hurt like hell. We just have to dig in and hope for the best.They have both experienced a death very close to them. It eats at them constantly and keeps them from moving forward. At first, they hate each other (my favorite type of chemistry!). The attraction is unbearable and they soon begin to give into each other physically, stealing kisses, touches. They find solace in each other. Eventually, love finds them. Just give me what you can, and I’ll let it be enough.It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to feel wonderful, and it’s okay to love and be loved. Just for this moment.This book was sugary sweet, and I ate it up!! I don’t know why this book is getting low scores at all. I think it goes back to your expectations. This book reads like a young adult romance. But it’s a really good young adult romance! Don’t expect a new adult romance. I really liked the writing, the story, the characters. Most importantly, this book made me FEEL. I also LOVED the dual POV!!! He puts his hands against my head and the small of my back. “Take a deep breath.” He covers my mouth with his in a tight seal, then, with a cold whoosh, he submerges us both, deep in the waves.Go on Rain. Tell me you don’t love me. I dare you.*ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*