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The Lonely
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Fallen - Lauren Kate Recommended: I enjoyed this book and the new and different concept of fallen angels. Not many books have taken this approach in teen fantasy. It had a Twilight twist to it with the main girl character and the love triangle with her, Daniel, and Cam. The main difference is that Stephanie Meyer executed this in a better way. I also think I liked Twilight’s version of the love triangle better because the whole story is written in first person, while Fallen is written in second person. Also, the concept of the story seems like it goes very deep, but the teasing was a little too much. She left you hanging too early. I felt like she was teasing, which is appropriate if releasing a sequel, but when you tease too early and don’t reveal enough about what the reader is trying to understand, there are details that are lost. I am still going to read the sequel because now that at least the main character is in the know of some of the main concepts of the book (angels), then hopefully she will be able to write a little more clear without trying to hide too much so that people will read her second book. I feel like if she revealed a little more, I still would have read her second book because the concept of the fallen angels is so creative and draws me in, wanting more.