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The Lonely
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Abel (5th Street #4) - Elizabeth Reyes What I liked:A sexy fighter having casual sex all the time with a sexy heroine? What’s not to like?!?Abel and Nellie have known each other for a while through friends and family. We actually start to feel and hear the sexual tension in the previous book. Abel is a womanizer and a serious fighter. He is approaching one of the biggest fights of his career, so he doesn’t want any distractions including a serious relationship. Nellie went through a horrible divorce two years ago and is still recovering. She doesn’t want anything serious, but she feels the need to spread her ovary wings!My Abel:My Nellie:What I didn’t like:I think I had my expectations set too high. I am in love with Ms. Reyes’s last book, [b:Hector|16139694|Hector (5th Street, #3)|Elizabeth Reyes|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1353992653s/16139694.jpg|21970212], and I had a picture in my head of both Abel and Nellie. They are both smart-asses, and I thought, “When these two come together, there is going to be passion and drama and fighting and loving.”...But there wasn’t. The characters fell short for me. I’ve read ALL of Ms. Reyes’s books. I started reading her books at the beginning. I love her YA books, but I feel like she should stick with the YA genre because you can tell that’s where she has her roots. Don’t tell me the story...SHOW ME!!!!Don’t tell me how the character felt...MAKE ME FEEL IT!!!I think this might be the end of the road for me with Ms. Reyes. It’s so hard to let go of an author that’s been with you for so long. I will always respect Ms. Reyes. She is a great author and so many readers love her (as you can see by her amazing reviews!). I’m saying this now, but when her next book comes out, I’ll probably read it because I’m a book slut and I can’t help myself!