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Never Love a Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals #5) - Darcy Burke What I liked:1. The writing -I love Darcy Burke because she pushes the boundaries of historical romance. She knows how to tell a story, and she keeps me interested. I mean, there is a vice club in this book….that’s basically a sex club, ladies!!! 2. The characters - I am in love with Jason Lockwood. I mean, he’s tall, dark, handsome, broody, and he has a big scar across his face! What’s not to love?! My Lockwood:I loved Lydia in this book too! I didn’t think I would like her as much because of the previous book, but she was vulnerable and fantastic in this book.My Lydia:3. Jason and Lydia’s story - The story of Jason and Lydia was fabulous. I loved their chemistry, dialogue, sex!! The sex was fabulous! Ladies, there is a sex club and bondage in this book!! I know, right?! What I didn’t like:1. This was two books in one and the execution of blending the two stories fells short. I loved the two stories separately. I understand that Ms. Burke was setting us up for the next book (which I am excited about!!), but it was just too much set-up. 2. I WISH there was more of Jason and Lydia’s story!! The second story took up too much of the book. I wish there was more relationship development between the Jason and Lydia. I wanted to know so much more, and these characters were so fantastic, that it wouldn’t have been too hard to develop their story together a little more.3. The ending was too abrupt. I really needed an epilogue. I think every book in the world could use an epilogue and no reader would complain.Note to the author: I really like your writing, but I feel like you’re holding back. It’s like your stories are on the edge of something great, and I’m waiting for this ridiculous explosion of writing to burst forth from your books. I feel it. So I am asking you to push it. Pull that extra something out of your characters and blow me away, because I really think you can and I really want you to!I am excited for the Ethan and Audrey’s book!!!!Thanks for the buddy read Susanne!