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Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning 5 “MERCY, BABY” STARS!!!!Eric + Rebekah = Best Sinners Couple!!!!My Eric:My Reb:No drama. They say what they mean. They mean what they say. They center their relationship on never lying to each other (awesome!). Eric is the funny man (which is why I love him!), and he lets silly and stupid things slip all the time. Reb is so perfect for him because she never takes him seriously and laughs at everything he says (sounds like me!).I was grinning and fanning myself throughout this entire book. My favorite moment of the book was when he’s playing the drums with her in between his legs! Swoon! When Eric first sees Rebekah, he is floored, and I loved it. It was so unexpected and sweet. His pale blue gaze seemed to caress her skin as he watched her with undisguised interest. She didn’t understand why, but she liked the way he looked at her. It was as if she was forbidden fruit, and he was one second away from getting himself ejected from the Garden of Eden.Reb is a professional sound board operator. She is a tomboy. She knows cars. She is cute and adorable and sexy and sultry. After a bout with cancer, she feels empty and inadequate. Eric is the first person to make her feel whole again.Eric is an Animal in every way (with his mouth, in the bedroom, he’s funny, oh yeah, and he’s a drummer!):Eric likes to watch (hehehe), and Reb likes it when he watches. They also have a lot of fun with role playing. The sex is off the charts!!!! “Can I cuddle with you later?” he asked her. “I’d rather you watch me shower,” she whispered.Olivia Cunning must a goddess in the bedroom or watch a lot of porn because damn, does she know how to write a million types of sex scenes!!! “Why would you need a camouflaged condom?”“So you won’t see me coming.” “I like you, period.”“I like you, exclamation point.” “Are you going to make me get a hideous tattoo on my ass?”“Yeah,” he said. “A tattoo of my face.”She laughed. “Your face isn’t hideous, but why would you want it on my ass?”“So even when I’m not around, you’ll still be sitting on my face.” This was by far my favorite Sinners book!!!!!!**Received ARC from Netgalley for an honest review**