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I love to read anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. I love to cry. I love to laugh. I love to scream. Mostly, I love to love. 

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The Lonely
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Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning 4 ROCK STARS!!!!!!Sed is the lead singer of the Sinners, a famous rock band. He is impulsive, arrogant, and intense. Sedric Lionhart definitely qualified as an asshole. Sed has been in love with Jessica even after she left him/he pushed her away. No woman can compete with her. He wallows in his love for her. She is the one that got away. Just looking at her hurt. When he couldn’t see her, it hurt. When he thought about her, it hurt. When he tried not to think about her, it hurt.My Sed:Jessica loves Sed whole-heartedly. She is high-spirited, smart, and beautiful. After trying to pursue a law degree, she runs into a financial wall and the story brings her and Sed back together (loved how they run into each other!). She hates Sed. She loves Sed. There are so many feelings for Sed and I feel it!!!!My Jessica:There are so many miscommunications in their relationship. Sed and Jessica are both strong individually, but they are highly sensitive when it comes to each other. Jessica definitely got on my nerves but I understood her because it was her personality to be so hurt by every little thing Sed would say. Sed can be really insensitive, not thinking before he speaks. He could be such a pig. She wasn’t sure why it turned her on.Despite their flaws and weaknesses, passion ignites when they are together! They are HOT!!!! They are both exhibitionists when it comes to sex so there are several steamy scenes in dark corners, balconies, water, etc. It seems like the sex is what keeps them together at first. When they finally get past the misunderstandings, they begin to see why they really love each other. It was frustrating and satisfying to see them come together at the end. I know I will see more of Sed and Jessica in the next books!You fuckin’ rock, baby. You rock at fuckin’, baby.I cannot get enough of the Sinners!!!!