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To Seduce A Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals #3) - Darcy Burke 4 ORIGINALITY STARS!!!!**ATTENTION ALL LADIES (and some guys)!** This book has a fighter in it! You’re probably thinking, “Wait, but it’s historical.” That’s right!!!!! A historical romance with a sexy fighter, a fight club, a fabulous heroine, and a delightfully, sinfully, action-packed plot.He was a mass of dry, brittle wood and she was the flame that would burn him to the ground.My Ambrose Sevrin:Ambrose Sevrin, the Viscous Viscount, is a fighter. After seducing his brother’s fiancé and losing his brother in a tragic accident, he decides to make a vow to become celibate. He doesn’t believe himself to be good anymore. He couldn’t explain how fighting kept the demons at bay, how the physical pain kept him from falling into the abyss of his tragic, reprehensible mistakes, how without it, he withdrew to the point of bare existence where misery and regret ruled his soul. My Philippa:Philippa (fresh, sweet, unspoiled) is approaching an unmarriageable age. She has turned down several suitors because she believes in love. When she follows her mother to a scandalous sex club (gasp!), Ambrose rescues her from being discovered and her identity and reputation ruined forever. And so begins this story of Ambrose rescuing Philippa over and over again but refusing to face his love. Philippa is determined to make him see that he is a good man, who loves her.You seduce me with every look, every touch, every breath. And I humbly beg you to never stop. “I’m a bit ticklish.”……“Lovely”The passion is HOT!! The story is fantastic and…..UNIQUE!! I’ve read a lot of historical romance. I consider historical romance to be my first love, so believe me when I say this is original and I have never read a historical romance like THIS ONE!! “Stay close to me,” Sevrin said against her temple. His warm breath was comforting. She turned into him and slid her arms around his waist. “They’ll have to pry me off you.” This is my first Darcy Burke novel, and I will definitely be reading more!**Received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review**