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The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz If it’s love, it’s infinite.5 GALAXIES of STARS!!!!I thought I knew terror before today. I was wrong.Nora is captured at the end of The Prince, so this book begins there. She is loved by many, and all those that love her are chess pieces in this rescue mission to save Nora. I had no idea how Ms. Reisz would conclude this story. To be honest, I didn’t really care. This is more than just characters and a story and a laugh and a cry. It’s just….more.I’m a different person after reading this book/series. I feel alive. This series has put a ripple in my soul. I look at myself and those that I love in a new and better way. My definition of love…has changed. I certainly view sex differently! I see God in a new way (sorry to get spiritual, but if you’ve read these books, you know it’s impossible not to). The world stopped spinning when I was reading this book.Nora – The Queen. She is a story-teller in this book, and a lot of blanks are filled in for us because of her stories/flashbacks. She is her usual funny-as-fuck self in this book, but we get to see a more vulnerable side to Nora, while still keeping her humor. Our Nora has a magic pussy. It’s the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost men sail into it and then find themselves. In my world slut is a term of endearment.You know Soren’s not a vampire, right? He’s a sadist. You don’t turn kinky just because he bites you.Soren – Which chess piece is he? You’ll have to read to find out. He’s always right. He is good. He is….Soren.And you come along and see him putting a knife in someone’s chest and you scream, ‘Murderer!’ while the rest of us see a heart surgeon.There was no past tense with Soren. When he loved, what he loved, who he loved, he loved eternally.Oh Kingsley – The King. King of Kink. King of the Underground. My favorite. I want him to own me. I’d cut off my right arm to be his Juliette for a day.Are you the French James Bond or something?.....Of course not. James Bond is vanilla.He speaks and your panties spontaneously combust.He doesn’t want to get hurt. He wants to be destroyed.Wesley – The Knight. I was not disappointed with Wesley’s fate/destiny in this book. In her heart Wesley was love and light and big brown eyes that made her thighs melt.Laila – The Pawn. Laila is Soren’s niece, and this is the first time we meet her. I wasn’t sure what to think because she was such a new character, but I grew to love her very soon (because Ms. Reisz is a genius and could make me love any character that she weaves). It was interesting and fulfilling to see the role that she played in the chess game.Grace (Zach’s Grace) – The Rook. It was wonderful to learn more about Grace. She is witty and fun and maternal, in a way. She is more important in this story than you would think. She is a wonderful surprise!**Note to the author - Ms. Reisz, you are officially my #1 favorite author of all time!! I can count on one hand the authors that can make me laugh and cry at the same time, and you are one of them. An endless smile and row of tears.