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The Lonely
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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas 5 CRAZY LOVE STARS!!!!!Love is crazy…ish.Jesse and Ava have that crazy love. The love that drives you insane! Absolute, complete earth shifting, universe shaking love. These two are the craziest of crazy couples! And their craziness drives me crazy! But I freakin’ ADORE them like crazy!**Fun Fact: The word “crazy” is said 79 times in this book!**This is all of their fights:1. Jesse does something stupid.2. Ava acts out and rebels.3. Jesse gets crazy mad.4. Ava runs away (always).5. Jesse runs after her (I love that he is always chasing her! LOL!).6. Jesse gives Ava a ______ fuck (fill in the blank…..there are several different kinds, and you have to read this book/series to find out all the different kinds. Muahaha.)7. They realize how crazy they are after “making friends.” Hehehehe. I love that they call it “making friends!!!!!” Favorite quotes:He is cracked and broken, which means I am cracked and broken.This man is like the sex version of Jekyll and Hyde.My man is like a Rhinoceros.There is no space welcome between us.I love, love, love you wet and sliding all over me.I’m going to dirty you up.End of.Because of my background, it’s REALLY hard for me to not psychoanalyze these characters (because I love to psychoanalyze book characters!) If I did, I would hate these characters, not because they are crazy (because aren’t we all! LOL!), but because they refuse to deal with their issues! They are horrible communicators and don’t want to talk about their pasts and talk about anything! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE PASSION and THE SEX!!!! It’s out of this world! Anyway, the psychoanalysis aside…I really do love this book, this series, and these people (because they’re REAL PEOPLE!! LOL! – You know what I mean).