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The Lonely
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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward This is my excitement level while reading this book!FINALLY!!! Quay (Quinn and Blay) get their HEA!!! This book was EPIC!!!!My Quinn:My Blay:Quinn and Blay (and we) have been through 10 books to get here! It has been a LONG road. They have been best friends forever. They have seen each other through thick and thin. They know everything about each other. Blay has loved Quinn since the beginning, an unrequited love for the longest time. Quinn has been an outcast from everything. This book was Quinn’s redemption in every way, taking the lowest parts of his life, his weaknesses, his torture, and raising him up to be an honored and respected male. Quinn’s heart, mind, soul, body, and love for Blay is FIERCE!!!!! And Blay loves Quinn so much I could feel my heart hurting while reading their story. I was tortured while reading this book! There was a lot of me yelling at my kindle, “Just talk to each other, you stupid guys!!!” When they yelled enough, kissed enough, f*&#ed enough, and made love enough, they finally talked enough (duh!), and of course it all worked out because they were meant to be together!Quinn and Blay:If you know Ms. Ward at all, you know that she has 12 million side stories goin’ on. Sometimes, I like them. Sometimes, I don’t. I LOVED every…single…side story in this book!Xcor and Layla: I wasn’t sure what to think of these two. Xcor is a confusing character, but I liked it. I like that I was confused. Is he good? Is he evil? I think he’s both. But it was the scene near the end that got me (if you've read the book, you know what I mean)....my heart stopped. It was perfection. AND I CRIED!!!Assail and Marisol/Sola: Holy…..I couldn’t get enough! I love Assail. He reminds me a lot of Rehvenge, who I love. Sola is badass. I love them together! I can’t wait to get more of them in the next book!The ENDING!!!!!! It was so beautiful. I can’t even describe how much I loved it. This is me and my happy tears!To Christy, Anna, Lisa Jayne, and Jen - Thank you for an unforgettable buddy read!!!On a side note for all those BDB fans, how much do you want these?!?! I know I do!!!!