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The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook This. Book. Yes, there is a naked chest on the cover, but it's not like that at all! Ok, it's a little like that, but the story and characters are so much more!First, the steampunk is out of this world awesome. The concept is so unique and interesting, it had me on the edge of my seat to the very end. The adventure is never ending. This author has such a wonderful imagination, and it's magical. I usually don't enjoy too much description, but I was enjoying it so much that I didn't even notice it.The writing is so wonderful. I felt like I was reading a piece of literature. I appreciate good writing, and this is one of the best.The characters are so well defined. I could see them clearly and know who they were and why. There is so much history when you first start the book that each character already has a back story, and each one is intriguing, even the supporting characters.I think I swooned a million times, but it wasn't like 50 shades of grey swooning. It was like Pride and Prejudice swooning, only with steampunk and zombies in the background.This. Book.