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Kiss an Angel

Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 5,000 CIRCUS STARS!!!!!!You HAVE to read this book!!! Please. I’m begging you, fellow readers.This is not your typical story. This is not your typical book. This is a story that you have never read….trust me. It is anything BUT typical. The story begins with an arranged marriage. No, it’s not set in the medieval times. It’s a modern arranged marriage. Say what?! I know. It seems off-putting at first. But we quickly get to know Alex and Daisy, and the reason for the arranged marriage takes an approved back seat for a while. This story is set at the circus. Yes, I said the circus. Weird?? Absolutely not. Mainly because SEP is a genius. Alex is a trained expert with bull whips. Yep, it’s gets dirty real fast, ladies. No, he doesn’t actually whip her (for those of you who are afraid of reads that are too dark, although I wouldn’t mind a little whipping, heeheehee), but the promise of whipping is there. The sexual chemistry and witty dialogue are off the charts. We can do this easy, or we can do it rough. Either way, I'm going to win. You decide how it'll be.My Alex:Alex. Alex. Alex. I would die for him. What a fantastic character. He was abused by the whip when he was a boy. He believes he is literally incapable of love. He is mysterious because he doesn’t reveal much about himself to Daisy. He purposefully tries to push her away because he doesn’t want her to fall in love with him. He doesn’t even want her to get comfortable, so he puts her through hell, expecting her to give up. I love LOVE/HATE relationships! They make the best sex!!!!My Daisy:But I don't love you, Daisy, and you can't begin to know how sorry I am about that because if I could choose anyone in this world to love, it'd be you.Even though Alex is trying to make Daisy give up, she won’t. She is stubborn and strong. Daisy is all heart. She might have a spoiled side, but when she loves, she loves with everything she’s got. She forms an attachment to the circus animals, and to say that the attachment is endearing would be an understatement. The way SEP writes these animals captivated me.Like the circus animals, she was held captive against her will, and, like them, her keeper had all the power.She was in a warm elephant cave. She pressed her cheek to his scratchy, gunnysack body just between his legs and heard the strong thud of his sweet, mischievous heart. She knew she should move, but even though she was resting beneath a ton of baby elephant, she had never felt safer. As she sat there, she thought of Alex and wished he were small enough to fit where she was, right beneath Tater's heart.SEP has a talent for writing a complete, no-page-unturned, no-character-left-behind story. She always includes a full story of the B characters, and I always love it. She gives everyone an HEA. Here are a couple of the B characters that I loved.Sheba is the circus owner. She is hard-headed, stubborn, prideful….a bitch. She cares for the circus and the people in the circus with everything she’s got…except for Daisy, which makes it interesting. I can’t help but love her.My Sheba:Heather is a teenage girl caught in the middle of growing up. She is trying to earn the love of her father by trying her best to be a good circus performer. She plays a key role in the story, and forms an attachment to Daisy.My Heather:Note to Susan: Dear Susan,Cheers. Cheers to this book. Cheers this story. Cheers these characters. Cheers to YOU.This book is officially in my top 3 favorites SEP books. This is a must-read. This is a re-read. Read it.