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What the Duke Desires

What the Duke Desires (The Duke's Men) - Sabrina Jeffries 3.75 WILD STARS!!I love everything Sabrina Jeffries writes! Her characters are always interesting, and her stories are always intriguing! This book did not disappoint!My Max:He was thunder and lightning and rain, and she was the earth and flowers that drank up the storm.Max is a duke, and I LOVE DUKES!!!! I wish I had a sexy duke of my own!! I love that Max isn’t this impenetrable duke, but he has real fears. Lisette is the only one who can stubborn her way through those fears. These two are a match in every way!!My Lisette:She was a French rose growing wild amid the hothouse flowers of London. Lisette is a strong, sensible woman. She grew up with 2 brothers, so she knows how and when to defend herself. She has a smart tongue and wit, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I absolutely love the witty dialogue between Max and Lisette!You got off on the wrong foot. I merely watched you shove it into your mouth. This story is not set amongst the ton, but instead, it is an adventure! Max is seeking Lisette’s brother, who is in hiding, because he believes her brother knows a secret about his family. In order to protect her brother, Lisette must travel with Max to locate Lisette’s brother. Most of the story is the two travelling from London to Paris and coming up against obstacles along the way. In order to maintain Lisette’s reputation, they must travel incognito and pretend to be married, which, as you can guess, makes things very interesting! (wink)mon coeur (my heart)This is how it should always be. You in my bed...in my arms. Always. The second half of the book was faster than the first half. I LOVED the ending! Even though this wasn’t my favorite, I will always read a book by Sabrina Jeffries!