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The Lonely
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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare THE MOVIE COMES OUT THIS WEEK!!! Here are a few gifs to convince you to go see it. Of course, read the book first. One of my favorite YA Paranormal Romance series!!!! I cannot wait to see Jace on screen! He is such a jerk and I love him! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1538403/?ref_=hm_inth_t1 http://allmoviegifs.tumblr.com/tagged/the_mortal_instrumentsHighly Recommended: This is the best series since Harry Potter and Eragon. The visuals in this book draws you in and send you into this world that Clare has created. She has created a new world and new language that allows for anything to happen, yet her writing allows the reader to truly believe this new world exists. In the first book, you are introduced to this new world from the perspective of the main character Clary. She does not know anything about this new world, so many things are still unknown to the Clary as well as the reader. Clare slowly unfolds detail after detail, and every detail is imaginative and new. This book is something different, yet still in the teenage genre of fantasy. Clare is also very good at explaining the relationships between the characters. There is a strong sense of family in her writing. The end of the first book gives a slight hesitation to the relationship between and the two main characters Clary and Jace, but it is redeemed in the second book and finally revealed in the third book. The world that Clare has created is a world of Shadowhunters who protect humans (mudanes or mundies - so funny) from evil (vampires, fairfolk, warlocks, werewolves). Of course, not all "Underworlders" are evil, so there are some grey areas. This book definitely takes a Harry Potter twist because there is the ultimate evil of those who side with "pure-blood" Shadowhunters and those who believe that there can be peace between Shadowhunters and Underworlders.