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I love to read anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. I love to cry. I love to laugh. I love to scream. Mostly, I love to love. 

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The Lonely
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Play with Me - Kristen Proby 5 “LAZY BONES” STARS!!!!!I don’t just love this book. I am in love with this book. This book made me FEEL……so good. I was completely sucked into this book.I dare you to lift yourself up off the floorMy Will:I love football players. Like REALLY love them. It must be those tight butts. Will is the perfect amount of sweet, gentle, bossy, and just…..man. I love me a…..man. Will is a famous quarterback, and he is just so perfect, but not annoyingly perfect. I’m going to say this…deep breath….Will reminds me a little of Knight. I know! This is a big thing for me to say because Knight is my man! But it’s true. (If you don’t know who Knight is, then shame! Message me, and we will have a serious conversation about Knight.)My Meg:Meg – Lady Boner. She is my new best friend and one of my favorite heroines. I can think of very few confident heroines that I love. Meg has inspired me to create a list of favorite heroines. I have my book boyfriends list (duh!), but now I need a list of favorite heroines. Meg is a little vixen. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it (especially in bed! Yes!). Of course, she has some baggage, but she doesn’t let it get her down or hold her back. She is a woman who loves a sexy car, has a tattoo, used to sing in a rock band, can still sing her ass off (I love to sing!)….oh yeah, and she is an awesome nurse.The story begins with Meg giving Will the blow-off (not blow-job, ladies….blow-off….The blow job comes later….in Will’s car. LOL!). I want to suck your dick in your car.Will relentlessly pursues Meg:Why don’t you just tell me what I did to piss you off so I can go ahead and hit on you?But Meg always has a fabulous sassy counter:I’m not some stupid sports groupie who’s dying to get into your pants and I’m not your baby.There was just enough of this back and forth before the orgasms start to fly all over the place! The chemistry is crazy. The sex is perfection. Of course, they start to fall for each other. It seems like such a simple story, and maybe it is, but it was executed with ORIGINALITY, HUMOR, AND WARM FUZZIES.When I take you, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, what you’re feeling, and I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name. We aren’t going to fuck, Meg. Even when it’s hard and fast or a little rough or a lot dirty, I’m not fucking you. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, on my car, or any damn where I want to take you, will not be fucking. Fucking is for strangers or people who don’t give a shit about each other. It’s loving, amazing, wonderful chaos.I love the way you love me. I really wanted to put a picture of a heart here. But hearts are so cliché and cheesy, and this book isn’t cliché and cheesy, so I needed a BADASS HEART, because this book is all kinds of BADASS and HEART.Yes, I’m terribly sick of you. You eat too much, hog the bed, and cheat at video games. Not to mention, you require way too much sex. But, I’m muddling my way through. - SARCASM IS THE WAY TO MY HEART, PEOPLE.Fun fact: The word lazy is said 14 times in this book :). I felt so happy and relaxed reading it.I did not expect to absolutely LOVE this book! I liked Fight with Me (Nate & Jules), but this book is going down in the favorites for me. This book started as a loan, but I ended up buying it in the middle of reading it because I just knew I would want to read it again and again and again.