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The Lonely
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Sempre - J.M. Darhower I was torn between giving this book 3 or 4 stars. I would give the plot and characters 4 stars, but the writing style is just 3 stars for me. The author has a great story line, but it was just too long, and it ended up being a little scattered. I understand why the author wanted to develop Vincent's character, but I think too much time was spent on him. I really loved Corrado and Celia, and the author didn't have to spend too much time on them in order for me to love them. I loved Haven. She was pretty much perfect. I liked Carmine, but he was a little too dramatic. I didn't mind his smart mouth but the amount of times that his dad and uncle yelled at him was little over the top. Several scenes sounded repeated throughout the book, almost as if the author spent too much time away from writing and came back to it just to repeat the same scenes. I also didn't like the ending. I was skimming the end just to finish it, but I still didn't appreciate that Carmine STILL got sucked into doing exactly what they were fighting not to do. That's not really a happy ending to me.